New Star Trek: Discovery trailer teases the rest of the show’s first season

Now that CBS has debuted the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, the sixth live-action series in the franchise & it’s big return after over a decade, they can now look ahead. The network debuted a brand new trailer that gives a view of what more will be happening through the rest of the season now that the pilot episodes firmly set a course for where this shows is going.

Warning: If you have not watched the first two episodes of Discovery this trailer will spoil some pretty big things.

Right away the trailer establishes that just as the producers stated previously, this series will be much different than most of those that came before. Instead of being the more open style where the crew zips around on an adventure of the week of most of the series, Discovery will be more akin to the latter years of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the sense that it will be telling a serialized storyline that crosses through the episodes.

Episode three and the remainder of the fifteen episodes of season one, seven of them in the fall and the last eight coming in early 2018, will air each week on Sundays on the CBS All Access app in the United States, on the Space Channel in Canada and on Netflix in the rest of the world.


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