Avatar sequel reveals a first look at the new younger generation cast members

Avatar original

When the second Avatar film from James Cameron finally makes it’s debut, well over a decade since the first film took the box office by storm, a lot of new younger faces will be along for the ride. The first of four planned sequels, Avatar 2 will arrive in theaters in December 2020 and it will introduce audiences to the children of the former human turned Na’vi Jake Sully and Na’vi warrior Neytiri (Zoe Saldana (Sam Worthington), according to Entertainment Weekly. 

A first photo of the young actors that will play those children as well as children from another Na’vi clan known as the Metkayina, who call  oceanic atoll reefs home, was shared by EW. From left to right the kids are Britain Dalton, Filip Geljo, Jamie Flatters, Bailey Bass, Trinity Bliss, Jack Champion, and Duane Evans Jr..


While the majority of the kids in this photo will have their appearance altered through CGI to take on the appearance of the large blue cat like Na’vi, Champion (on the right in the blue shirt) will not. That’s because Champion is reportedly playing a character named Javier “Spider” Socorro who is a human child born at the Hell’s Gate military complex from the first film.

“We never had this youthful element before, and that brings a different kind of energy to the film,” Producer Jon Landau said. “They represent the future generation of Pandora and play a very significant role — not just in this movie but throughout all the movies.”

It was also revealed that Fear the Walking Dead’s Cliff Curtis will play the role of Tonowari who is the leader of the Metkayina clan.

Production on the films started this week and according to previous reports Cameron, the cast and crew will be working to film all four films at once to make the release dates that begin in 2020.

Avatar 2 arrives on December 18, 2020.



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