Three series become one as the Avengers go weekly for 3 month No Surrender event

Avengers No Surrender Featured

Three teams of Avengers will merge together to become one big team under the Marvel Legacy banner. Marvel’s promotional magazine FOOM revealed that starting with Avengers #675 in January the publisher will kick off a storyline called Avengers: No Surrender which will see the teams from Avengers, U.S.Avengers and Uncanny Avengers come together for a weekly event storyline.

Both Uncanny Avengers and U.S.Avengers will stop being published for the time being during the event with their series writers Jim Zub and Al Ewing joining Avengers scribe Mark Waid as the writers for the weekly event. According to the reports the event will run weekly for three months with Pepe Larraz drawing month one’s issues, Kim Jacinto on month two’s issues and Paco Medina wrapping it up in month three.

Avengers No Surrender

Where the titles will stand after the end of the event is currently unclear, but more than likely there will be some big shifts for any Avengers titles that come out of the weekly event. No Surrender will also see the return of the Avenger’s butler Jarvis return as well as former member Living Lightning who will now just go by the codename Lightning.

Avengers: No Surrender kicks off in January.

(Via: Newsarama)


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