Clip introduces the new Harley Quinn for Telltale Games Batman: The Enemy Within chapter two

Telltale Batman - Harley Quinn

When it was announced last month that Telltale Games was preparing to introduce their version of Harley Quinn in Batman: The Telltale Series – The Enemy Within, the second game in their Batman series, it was easy to wonder what sort of twist they might do to the character like the other Batman rogues that have appeared in the first game.

A new clip answers those questions. Unlike the usual version of the character that has spent many years and incarnations being smitten and in an abusive relationship with Joker, this new Harley Quinn is in the driver’s seat of their relationship.

It’s the Joker, or John Doe as he’s known in this series, that appears to be the smitten one with Harley taking the lead in their relationship and their interactions with Bruce Wayne.

Harley makes her debut in “The Pact” which is the second chapter of this second season of the series which continues from the first game that allows you to play both as Batman and Bruce Wayne. “The Pact” arrives on consoles and other platforms on October 5.


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