Sam Humphries & Bernard Chang take over DC’s Nightwing in December

Nightwing 35 Featured

In August Sam Humphries made the announcement on Twitter that with issue #32 he would be leaving Green Lanterns, the series that he launched in 2016 under the DC Rebirth banner. At the time he said it was because DC Comics had offered him “an amazing opportunity.”

Now at last we know what that opportunity was.

As revealed by Comic Book Resources, starting in December Humphries and artist Bernard Chang are teaming up to become the brand new creative team on Nightwing starting with issue 35. Current & soon to be former Nightwing writer Tim Seely was previously announced as Humphries replacement on Green Lanterns, meaning the creators essentially swapped titles.

“Yeah! This is the one!” Humphries said to CBR. “Dick Grayson is one of the greatest characters in all of the DCU — he’s got heart, humor, legacy and he kicks ass. That’s why this run is called ‘Nightwing: The Untouchable.’”

Humphries and Chang’s run is said to be dipping into Grayson’s deep connections in the DC Universe as well as his personal history, which has ties to a new foe.

“The new villain is a devious new creation by me and Bernard — a murderous cold case from Nightwing’s past,” Humphries said. “But to fully unravel the scope of this guy, and to dig deep into Nightwing as a character, we’re going to experience some of his early days as Robin, and also his time as Hudson University student, Dick Grayson. It’s all tied together — his history is part of what makes him so exciting.”

Check out the full solicitation & cover for Nightwing #35, arriving in December, below.

Nightwing 35

Variant cover by CASEY JONES
“THE UNTOUCHABLE: HUNTERS!” Nightwing finally feels like he’s got his life in Blüdhaven under control. But the one thing he wasn’t expecting was for a case from his past in Gotham City to rear its head here—a murderer he never set eyes on, but whose unmistakable signature has arrived in his new city! How many people will die before he’s stopped this time? Or worse than that…what if Dick can’t stop him? Incoming creative team Sam Humphries and Bernard Chang kick off a story that will take Nightwing back to his days as Robin and force him to question his future as well!
On sale DECEMBER 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T


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