Marvel Legacy brings together the old school & new versions of Generation X

Generation X 85 Featured

Two generations collide as the original members of Marvel Comics Generation X come together with the current new team in December for Marvel Legacy.

As revealed by Newsarma, the creative team of Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna will celebrate their return to legacy numbering with Generation X #85 by bringing back old school members like Husk and Chamber to help Jubilee and her students as they take on former teammate Monet who has been bonded with her evil brother Emplate.

Chamber has been a supporting character in the current run of Generation X and Monet has recently appeared in her bonded vampire form. Other previous members like Skin and Synch are currently deceased though brief sort of member Mondo has been brought out of character limbo recently in X-Men Blue.

Check out the solicitation & cover for Generation X #85, arriving in December, below.

Generation X 85

OG Gen X Part 1
Christina Strain / Amilcar Pinna
Cover by Terry Dodson
You’ve been asking for it! You’ve been waiting for it! And now it’s here…the original Generation X is back! But this is no happy reunion for any of them. Their former teammate Monet is now bonded to her brother, the vampiric mutant called Emplate. Will Jubilee, Chamber, and Husk be able to save Monet? Or is she forever lost to her brother’s curse?

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