Marvel Legacy pits the Weapon X team again Nuke & his super soldiers

Weapon X 12 Featured

With the threat of Weapon X’s Hulk/Wolverine hybrid Weapon H behind them, the members of Wolverine’s rag-tag team are about to take on another threat that has ties back to the Weapon X/Plus Program in Marvel Legacy.

This December writer Greg Pak and artist Yildiray Cinar will send the team in Weapon X up against a group of super soldiers committing mutant genocide in another country, a group of soliders powered by the red pills of the super-solider known as Nuke (Via: Comic Book Resources).

Frank Simpson, the real name of Nuke, is a character that was a test subject in the Weapon Plus program that spun out of the efforts that created Captain America back in the 40’s. Over the years the character has fought Daredevil and the Avengers in Born Again and has taken on Captain America, Wolverine and others many times. Most of his enhancements come from the cybernetic additions to his body but Nuke also relies on three pills he takes: red for adrenaline, blue to bring him back down and white to keep him balanced.

Check out the cover and solicitation for Weapon X #12 below.

Weapon X 12

Weapon X #12: Nuke-Clear War Part 1
Greg Pak / Yildiray Cinar
Cover by RAHZZAH
Mutant genocide is being committed in a small, third-world country. Now it’s up to Weapon X to stop this massacre! But the militia they’ll be taking on isn’t full of your ordinary run-of-the-mill soldiers. These guys are powered by the red pills taken by the Super-Soldier Nuke! It’s Weapon X vs. a Nuke platoon! PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES!



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