Six characters Warner Bros. could or should use to finish the Titans cast


Next year Warner Bros. will throw their hat into the streaming platform ring at the height of the ongoing streaming war where everyone from Disney to CBS is trying to join in on the area that Netflix, Hulu & others have made successful over the years. To kick that platform off WB will turn to the revived Young Justice animated series and a brand new live action Titans series.

So far the series has cast Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson (unknown if he’ll be Robin or Nightwing), Anna Diop as Starfire and Teagen Croft as Raven. Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly are slated for the recurring roles of Hawk and Dove.

With so many years of Teen Titans and Titans related comics to look through, the studio has a lot of characters they can choose from to feature in the series. Some are likelier to appear than others based upon their current appear and audience familiarity, and likely Warner Bros. has already chosen which characters will appear in the show but that wont’ stop us from speculating.

So check out below the six characters that we think should or could be part of the Titans cast.

Garfield Logan – Beast Boy

This green skinned animal shapeshifter is one of the characters mentioned above as having an audience familiarity factor as he’s been featured in various animated endeavors from the Teen Titans animated series and it’s current replacement Teen Titans Go! and even the aforementioned Young Justice. In the comics he is one of the most known Titans as he came up during the New Teen Titans era with Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Nightwing and others. Gar comes with the added bonus of comedy relief for the series as he’s usually the most lighthearted of characters, even though he has his own demons that he must battle most times. There is little doubt that this fan-favorite character will be part of the show’s cast.

Donna Troy – Troia

Formerly the side kick to Wonder Woman, known as Wonder Girl when she was young, Donna Troy is one character that has undergone a ton of changes over the years in the comics. Like Dick Grayson, Donna has Teen Titans/Titans founder status in the comics and has been affiliated with the various versions of the team over the years. At one point she took on the codename Troia, but most of the time just chooses to go by her name. Currently Donna is a member of the DC Rebirth Titans team in comics and she has ties to Wonder Woman who currently is a character Warner Bros. is finally fully focusing on after her blockbuster summer solo film debut. While those ties are important in their own way, Donna is a strong and awesome character all on her own that deserves to be part of the Titans team.

Roy Harper – Arsenal 

Since The CW version of this character for Arrow has all but been written out of the universe (with supposed rumors he might finally appear again in some capacity this fall), it’s time to let someone else bring the sarcastic devil-may-care archer to life as part of the Titans, where he belongs. Roy also has the founder status that Dick and Donna do and thanks to Arrow and Young Justice is a character audiences are likely to be familiar with in some capacity. Taking Roy away from starring next to Green Arrow will also allow writers a chance to fully explore the character in their own way as a hero of his own instead of always being bounced off Oliver as the lead.

Bart Allen – Impulse/Kid Flash

Every team needs a speedster, or at least should get one. Since Barry Allen, Wally West and Jesse Quick are all part of The CW’s The Flash series, this gives an opportunity to once again explore the character of Bart Allen (Barry’s grandson from the future, long story) who has been used in live-action before during the years that Smallville ruled the airwaves as one of the lone comic book TV shows around. Bart was also featured in Young Justice during it’s second season. In the comics Wally West was the Flash character most well known as a member of the Titans but eventually in the early 200s when the series was relaunched Bart became a stalwart member of the team (dying for a bit) pretty much till it’s conclusion before the 2011 DC reboot. Much like Gar, Bart can fill the fun class clown role but also bring in the speedforce and other matters.

Kaldur’ahm/Jackson Hyde – Aqualad

Created for the Young Justice TV series, this new version of Aqualad (the latest to pick up this codename) has also begun to find a new life in comic books after a brief run in 2010 that didn’t go anywhere after the 2011 New 52 reboot changed everything. Again Kaldur’ahm/Jackson is a character that will be familiar to those that watched Young Justice which might be another reason why he won’t appear in this show. Producers might not want to use too many of the same characters as the other show since the two shows will be co-flagship series for the new streaming platform. At the same time seeing a live-action version of the character would be fantastic and could easily peak the interest of those that really enjoy Jason Mamoa’s performance as Aquaman in Justice League and the solo film that will be coming out around the time this show finally begins airing. All that corporate synergy.

Lilith Clay – Omen

This is where we get into a character that might not have the general audience familiarity of others on the list, but she comes with deep and current ties to the Titans. A telepath with precognition powers, Lilith adds another weapon to the Titans arsenal. In the comics over the years she’s also been a major part of stories that have to deal with Raven and her demon father Trigon and Donna’s past with Themyscira which opens numerous roads for the character depending on who all ends up in the cast. Adding Lilith comes with the bonus of being able to explore and introduce audiences to a character that hasn’t been used in numerous animated or live action DC adaptations over the years.



What do you think of our choices above, and who would you want to see added to the Titans team? Let us know below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook!



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