New Line Cinema is beginning to move forward with It sequel plans

It Movie

For the longest time the future of a sequel that completes the story for New Line Cinema’s It adaptation was unclear. Now as the film prepares to debut in theaters this weekend, that future is no longer unclear.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is firming up plans for the sequel, which is being referred to as Chapter Two, and is starting to lock up the creative team. Currently they have reportedly signed a deal for writer Gary Dauberman to return for the sequel but haven’t reached a deal quite yet for director Andy Muschietti to return as well. The films producers Barbara Muschietti, Seth Grahame-Smith, Roy Lee, Dan Lin and David Katzenberg are reportedly expected to return.

According to the reports the studio didn’t doubt that a sequel would come from the film, which matches up with reports that original director Cary Fukunaga had been set to work on a two-part film before he ended up leaving the film and Muschietti was hired.

Stephen King’s original book follows the group of friends that take on Pennywise the clown both as kids and adults, switching back and forth between the time periods all through the book. The first film focuses on the kids alone set in the 1980s rather than the 1950’s of the book, and the second version will take place 27 years later on the characters as adult’s having to fight the monster again.

Recent reports have indicated that the studio might want the kids to still feature into the sequel in some way, perhaps incorporating flashbacks just like the book, but there is no word if these will be entirely new scenes or if they’ll just use some of the scenes from the first film. If it is new scenes they’ll have to try and fast track production to make sure none of the kids end up having a growth spurt or otherwise age out of the role.

Currently there is no given window for a release date of this sequel.




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