Fox taps Drew Goddard to write & direct the Deadpool & Cable led X-Force


Fox’s expanding X-Men universe is beginning to come together more as the studio has reportedly found the person to handle their black ops Deadpool and Cable led X-Force film. According to Deadline, Drew Goddard will write and direct the film that will star Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin among others.

Goddard has been circling superhero worlds for sometime as he helped launch Marvel & Netflix’s Daredevil series and was attached to the Sony Pictures Spider-Man villain film The Sinister Six that never panned out before the studio joined forces with Marvel Studios. He also wrote Cloverfield The Martian, which he was supposed to direct before departing for The Sinister Six, and directed Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods.

This film has been in various stages of development for the last few years with Jeff Wadlow and Joe Carnahan previously mentioned as directors in the past.

While Fox was mostly subsisting off the main X-Men film series, which is set to have it’s eighth entry arrive next year, in the last few years they’ve begun to really expand the offerings from the stable of characters. Deadpool and Logan really seemed to open new avenues for the studio with the young mutant focused New Mutants (April 13, and Deadpool 2 (June 01) being added to the schedule for 2018 alongside the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix (November 02).

There is currently no date for X-Force but earlier this year the studio picked up six dates for Marvel/X-Men related films stretching out to 2021X-Force will definitely be one of those as will the already talked about Deadpool 3 that the studio reportedly has already been planning, and the rest could easily be further entries in the main X-Men series and even a fuhrer New Mutants films as director Josh Boone reportedly pitched a trilogy to the studio.



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