Screen Junkies & Jordan Vogt-Roberts team up for the Kong: Skull Island Honest Trailer

Kong Skull Island

When it comes to creative endeavors, whether it’s film or writing or music or anything else, one can expect there to be criticism of their work but in the end the harshest critic of one’s work it themselves. That’s why for the latest Honest Trailers that focuses on this year’s Kong: Skull Island they brought in the director himself to help criticize his movie.

The Screen Junkies team and the Epic Voice Guy do their thing at poking at the second of Legendary’s monster films, following 2014’s Godzilla, that are building up a cinematic universe and are joined halfway through by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts who gives them some more ammunition to humorously poke holes in his film.

Everything from the Vietnam allegories to the amount of characters to lack of proper story arcs fro some characters come up alongside the epic monster battles and fun references that are peppered through the film. Just don’t ask Vogt-Roberts about the helicopter criticisms, he’s very passionate about it.


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