Warner Bros. reportedly has their eyes on Leonardo DiCaprio for rumored Joker origin film

The Joker

Remember how crazy the internet thought the reports of a second DC Comics film banner at Warner Bros. headed up by a Joker origin film sounded? Well, things likely won’t change this week with the latest reports.

During those previous reports it was stated that Warner Bros. was in talks with Hangover director Todd Phillips to direct this gritty stand alone Joker film with the legendary Martin Scorsese on board to produce the film. According to new reports from The Hollywood Reporter, the talks with Scorsese are not just to get his expertise on the film but also because WB execs are said to be hopeful that he’ll be able to entice Scorsese’s long time collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio onto the film.

Yes, you read that correctly, Warner Bros. reportedly is hoping this will get the Academy Award winning actor over into their playground. Chances are slim that the DiCaprio, who is franchise adverse, would ever actually come aboard but it does show what high hopes the studio seems to have for this potential secondary banner of films.

At the same time the plan could cause some backlash, and not just from the external audiences. According to the same report current & future Joker actor Jared Leto is not pleased with the news that Warner Bros. could be seeking to have two different clown princes of crime running around at the same time. Reportedly he’s made his displeasure known to his CAA agents and rival agency WME is said to be using this concern to bring him over to their side.

Leto is already reportedly signed to star in the Suicide Squad sequel, Gotham City Sirens and a rumored Harley Quinn & Joker film.

Until Warner Bros. comes out and announces all of these things, the reports could all turn out to be nothing at all, but with the issues that have plagued the DC Extended Universe based upon executive decisions it’s not hard to see why many feel these reports are likely to be true.


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