Justice League Dark gets a new writer & the search for a director continues

Justice League Dark

During San Diego Comic Con earlier this year Warner Bros. laid out the films that are officially slated to be part of their DC Extended Universe. Other than the upcoming Justice League and Aquaman films a lot is up in the air about most of the other films.

Some have writers attached, some have directors attached and only one of them has a date attached but most of them do not have all three of those.

While it still has no director attached, the long simmering Justice League Dark film has a brand new writer in Housebound‘s Gerard Johnstone, according to Deadline. After seeing numerous individuals who were pitching for the film’s director role, Warner Bros. decided that instead the script needs some work and Johnstone’s presentation impressed them so he was hired to give the current script a polish.

Currently the studio will be undergoing a brand new search for a director, though it’s likely they’ll wait till Johnstone has finished fixing up the script.

Originally there were rumors that the studio was eyeing It director Andy Muschietti, but once the Stephen King adaptation got tons of positive buzz online it became clear that Muschietti will be quite busy as the proposed sequel starring the clown fighting kids as adults is likely going forward.

The film centers on the characters  John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Etrigan the Demon as they form a darker Justice League that deals with magical and supernatural threats in the DC Universe.


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