A hero arrives in the nick of time in a preview for Secret Empire #10

Secret Empire 10

The moment that most readers have likely been waiting for is about to happen, as the heroic version of Steve Rogers/Captain America returns to the Marvel Universe to put down the Hydra Steve Rogers/Captain America for the conclusion of this summer’s Secret Empire event.

The New York Times shared a first look at the upcoming Secret Empire #10 where the two Steves face off. In the images the heroic Steve uses a very familiar weapon to bring a mighty smackdown upon his evil doppelganger.

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As many have suspected for months, the how and why of Steve’s return are connected to the sentient Cosmic Cube Kobiak and the manipulations she carried out on Steve at the behest of his greatest foe the Red Skull.

“We understood the story would challenge readers, but we also know how it ended,” Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said. “We also thought the story had something important to say about democracy, freedom and the core American values that Captain America embodies.”

Secret Empire #10 arrives on Wednesday.

SECRET EMPIRE #10 (of 10)
Can there be any redemption for Captain America as the SECRET EMPIRE starts to crumble?
48 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99


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