Harley Quinn set to debut in episode two of Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within


Telltale Batman - Harley Quinn

Telltale Games’ Batman series has offered up quite a few re-imagined versions of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery from the Penguin to The Riddler, who is the main villain in the second game Batman: The Enemy Within, and even a proto version of the Joker that goes by the name John Doe. When the second episode of The Enemy Within arrives next month, it will offer up another take on a classic villain.

Telltale announced that episode two of Batman: The Enemy Within will be available starting on September 26 and will feature the debut of Harley Quinn. Their version of Harley is said to be an “interpretation of the character that captures her essential qualities while still framing her in a new way.”

Based upon the image, Harley’s appearance pulls from her more modern comic book appearances as well as her appearances in many of the recent Batman video games. She’s even got her trusty baseball bat.

Telltale said that the power dynamic between Harley and John Doe is one that they believe will be “intriguing.”

Batman: The Enemy Within episode two will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 26, and both episodes one and two will arrive for iOS & Android devices the same day.

Telltale Batman - John Doe Joker


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