Miles Morales takes on the Sinister Six & his own future for Marvel Legacy


Spider-Man #234 Featured

Over the years since his debut, Miles Morales has grown more and more as Spider-Man and once he came over from the Ultimate Universe to the regular Marvel Universe he deepened those ties to Marvel history. This fall for Marvel Legacy, he’ll embrace even more of the Spider-Man legacy as he takes on a team of villains with a familiar name.

As revealed by Previews WorldSpider-Man #234 finds Brian Michael Bendis & artist Oscar Bazaldua reclaiming a legacy numbering for Mile’s series, based upon all the Ultimate Spider-Man issues Bendis has written, but also pitting the hero against a brand new version of the Sinister Six that is led by a mysterious & unknown character.

“The new Sinister Six is led by the mystery figure behind the Iron Spider armor, Bombshell (the mother of the Bombshells) from the ultimate universe, and the mother of one of Miles’ best friends the female Electro (I refuse to call her Lady Electro) the Spot. Plus, fresh off his rather creepy appearance in Jessica Jones, Sandman (one of my all-time favorites, and I don’t see how you could do a Sinister Six without him), and Hobgoblin (also fresh off his cameo and Jessica Jones),” Bendis said. “I am looking at this Six like a real old-school, Oceans 11 crew of criminals. All of them have a very specific skill set and there is a whale of a score that needs all six of them. It’s a doozy. I can’t wait for you guys find out what the Sinister Six wants. But the story will be very personal when people find out who the Iron Spider is.”

While this new team of villains is a major concern for Miles, it is not the only thing he’ll be struggling with as Marvel Legacy begins.

“Because of all the constant turmoil in Miles’s life — and there has been a lot even by superhero standards — there are certain parts of Miles’ growth that have not been attended to. He still has a lot to learn. And a lot to learn about his powers. He has not mastered all of them and they may do things he doesn’t know yet,” Bendis said. “But the big question that looms over the character of Miles, and the entire series, is whether or not Spider-man is the final path for him. Because he’s been struggling, Miles and his friends have been questioning what could be the problem.  It is Ganke who questions whether or not Miles would be Spider-man if Peter Parker hadn’t already done it. Just because Peter Parker got bit by a spider and became Spider-Man doesn’t mean that that’s what Miles has to do when he gets bit by a spider. So the Legacy story for Miles is whether or not he NEEDS to be part of the Spider-Man legacy.”

Arriving in November, the full solicitation and cover for Spider-Man #234 are below.

Spider-Man #234

Miles’ world has been shaken a lot lately, but nothing will compare to what the mysterious Iron-Spider and his brand new SINISTER SIX will do. Sandman, Hobgoblin, The Spot, Electro and Bombshell (?!) join this mystery villain to make Miles’ life a living hell.


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