She-Hulk & the Leader face off as the hero reclaims her codename & numbering for Marvel Legacy

She-Hulk #159 Featured

Jennifer Walters might be taking back her old codename & series numbering when it comes to Marvel Legacy this fall but the mental & physical scars and issues left behind from Civil War II won’t be going anywhere.

As revealed by NewsaramaHulk writer Mariko Tamaki will be joined by new series artist Jahnoy Lindsay when the series turns into She-Hulk #159 in November and pits the still grey skinned and possibly out of control She-Hulk against the gamma powered villain The Leader.

“Jen is going through what feels to her like an endless adjustment process since her injury and Bruce’s death. She’s getting used to this new form, but it’s still not completely clear to her what being this new kind of Hulk means (aside from being grey, there’s bigger questions like, can I control myself when I’m Hulk now?),” Tamaki said. “So, she’s in this sort of liminal place, somewhere between where she was and where she wants to be, as Hulk and as Jen. And, in all this, she’s still working and trying to help others who are having similar struggles. It’s a constant back and forth between, ‘everything’s fine’ and ‘everything’s not fine,’ which is the way things are when you’ve just come from that place of ‘this is the actual worst.'”

While they have faced off in the past, the new confrontation between She-Hulk and The Leader is noted as the first modern confrontation between the two. Leader’s appearance will bring Jennifer a new sort of challenge.

“For the past two arcs, Jen fought for people. She’s put her energy into saving other monsters, people whose struggles she understands” Tamaki said. “In some ways, Jen has worked over the last few issues to try and save herself by saving others. The Leader is not a monster who needs saving, he’s the opposite. With the Leader, Jen is fighting a supervillain, with (current) a singular purpose: her destruction.  It’s a unique challenge because Jen still feels like she’s getting up off the mat.  And that’s a pretty terrible feeling for someone like Jen, who’s a fighter, who wants to face the things that come at her head on.”

Check out the solicitation and cover for She-Hulk #159 below.

She-Hulk #159

The LEADER is back and he’s using his gamma-enhanced super-intelligence to strike at She-Hulk! But how do you hurt an almost indestructible She-Hulk? By turning Jen against HERSELF!


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