Old Man Logan faces his past as he takes on a upgraded Hand clan for Marvel Legacy

Old Man Logan #31 Featured

Even being from a post-apocalyptic style possible future timeline won’t help the grizzled Old Man Logan escape the past of Wolverine when his solo title enters Marvel Legacy this fall.

As revealed by Newsarama, Ed Brisson and Mike Deodato Jr. will continue their recently started run on the title this fall with a brand new storyline titled “The Scarlet Samurai” which finds the clawed mutant hero taking on an upgraded from of The Hand ninja clan and the mysterious new Scarlet Samurai.

While normally The Hand isn’t much of an issue for Logan or most heroes, things could be quite different this time.

“The Hand has always been a formidable enemy, but it seems this time they’ve gotten a hold of some tech that will make them potentially the most dangerous army on Earth,” Deodato said. “On the other hand, no pun intended, Logan is more dangerous than ever, with all the experience and rage he’s accumulated over the years. ”

Scarlet Samurai won’t be alone in their mission to build a stronger Hand clan as Wolverine’s old foe the Gorgon, aka  Tomi Shishido, will be working to make the Hand stronger as well.

“Logan has ended up in Japan, as he does, dealing with a seemingly unrelated matter when he, more or less, finds himself in the Hand’s crosshairs,” Brisson said. “It’s perhaps a little more than just him stumbling into their latest scheme, but still, he’s in Japan and he’s gotten in the way of Gorgon and the Hand’s plans. Being that both Gorgon and the Hand have a long history with Logan, they’re not going to let this opportunity pass. The Hand is deadlier, so who better to test their mettle against than the man who’s turned so many of them to dust?”

As for who the Scarlet Samurai is and what her connection to Logan is, that’s something that will come in the new arc.

“The Scarlet Samurai is one of the two main figures behind the Hand and their fight with Logan. Just who the Scarlet Samurai and what her beef with Logan is is something that readers are going to have to tune in to find out,” Brisson said. “But, what I will say is that she and Logan have a long history together and if anyone can hurt him, it’s going to be her.”

Check out the full solicitation and cover for Old Man Logan #31 below.


Old Man Logan #31

Old Man Logan – the man who was Wolverine – is up against a foe like no other…the Hand! Logan’s past comes back to haunt him when a former love drags him into battle with the Hand, who have bolstered their forces like never before. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Logan encounters the mysterious Scarlet Samurai! Will Logan be able to discover who she is and take down the Hand?


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