Honest Trailers picks apart the sequel-prequel that is Alien: Covenant

Alien Covenant

Nostalgia and returning to projects of the past to tell new stories is nothing new in the world of entertainment. Many times it’s a welcome return as it allows creators to delve into a world again and tell fresh new stories that they didn’t get to tell the first time around.

Other times you end up with things like Alien: Covenant.

The folks over at Screen Junkies have turned their sites on the film that is both a sequel and a prequel at the same time for the latest installment of Honest Trailers. In it they pick apart the amazingly up and way down film career of Ridley Scott, the latest batch of sacrificial lamb really dumb characters that are picked off one by one before you can know or care about them and the sad fact that the Alien franchise is now equal to the Terminator franchise in the amount of bad films.

The one bit of good news is that Fox might actually be saving us from having anymore of these Alien films popped out. Let us hope at least.




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