Archie Comics relaunches their hero line with new The Mighty Crusaders series

the_mighty_crusaders_coverArchie Comics is ready to delve back into the world of superheroes once more. The publisher is looking to revive their Red Circle imprint once more by bringing together various of their superhero characters for a new ongoing The Mighty Crusaders series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

For the new series, Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater said the aim is “to tell widescreen superheroics” and that the goal is for the stories to be easily accessible without years of continuity for readers to learn. To help with those goals they turned to a writer and an artist that are both familiar with the worlds of Archie Comics.

“We wanted to create a book that’s accessible, not mired in a million crossovers and part of a bigger, unfolding story,” Goldwater said. “For that, we enlisted [writer] Ian Flynn, who’s done a lot of marvelous work for us and has a history with the Crusaders. On art, we have Kelsey Shannon, who did some nice work on the Josie and the Pussycats book recently and has a really clear, modern and welcoming style.”

The new series is a revival of one of the same name that was created by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel in 1965. This also marks the latest attempt by the publisher to revive some of their superhero characters following recent reboots for characters like Black Hood, the Hangman and others in the Dark Circle imprint.

“You don’t need a PhD in comics to hop onboard,” Goldwater said. “Everything is explained in the first issue. These are beloved, iconic characters and it’s time we dust them off and let them shine for what they are — amazing superhero properties that deserve a bigger spotlight.”

Calling the series a “lynchpin,” Goldwater said there is hope that the revival of The Mighty Crusaders will lead to more spinoffs and expansions for the Dark Circle universe.

The Mighty Crusaders #1 arrives in November.



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