The CW’s Flash series is moving beyond the speedy villains of the past three seasons

The Flash CW

Every single season of the three season’s that have have aired for The CW’s The Flash have relied on pitting Barry Allen/The Flash against speedsters that always have some connection to Barry or his future. At long last that is coming to an end.

Previously the producers had announced that season four would break away from that habit and feature a non-speedster villain, the more mental villain The Thinker will be the big bad, but now they have extended that. Kevin Yeoman from Screen Rant has reported that during The CW’s panel at the Television Critics Association press tour they are likely done with speedster villains as a whole.

It was also stated that the sad and somewhat of a jerk version of Barry Allen that dominated season three will go away, as the show will work to recapture the lightness and fun that were more apparent in the first two seasons of the series.

This is likely to excite many fans because originally the series was supposed to be the lighter sibling alongside the usually far more serious Arrow. While Supergirl has joined the network and provided a lighter fare, and season two of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow offered light fun mixed with serious time travel issues, it will still be nice to see Flash be able to have fun being a hero again.

The Flash returns to The CW on October 10.


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