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It’s all about love for comic book creators in a catchy new music video

San Diego Comic Con is the perfect setting for singing the praises of those that bring life to the comic characters we all love.

Hyper RPG Comics on the Floor

Now days a lot of focus at San Diego Comic Con, and many other similar conventions, is on the big new movies & television series that studios are pumping out or on the celebrity guests that folks line up to see. Many times the medium that gave birth to many of these conventions, movies and shows goes ignored.

That’s not the case with a catchy and fun new music video.

From Hyper Rabbit Power Go (also known as Hyper RPG) comes the new song you’ll be singing for the next few weeks, “Get Your Comics (On the Floor)” which pays tribute to the individuals that gave birth to many of our favorite characters and series in the world of comic books. Abby Trott, Chris Bramante, and Matt Acevedo bring attention back to artist alley and those that have been forgotten many times as conventions continue to grow and change.

Once you finish watching the video for the fifth or sixth time (it’s that catchy, trust me), check out all the other amazing content that Hyper RPG puts out on a regular basis. The Twitch based network airs a variety of shows all week long from RPGs set in the worlds of Battletech, Star Wars & an in canon Valiant Comic universe series to talk shows about movies, wrestling and Dragon Ball Z and so much more.

Check them out at


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