Domestically Spider-Man: Homecoming surpasses both Amazing Spider-Man films

Spider-Man Homecoming

Sometimes in life there are moments where a person can look back at a decision and take pride in the fact that they made the right choice, basking in their success. That’s a moment Sony Pictures is about to have when it comes to Spider-Man.

After the successful run of Sam Raimi led Spider-Man films came to a disappointing end in 2007 the studio rebooted everything with the Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man films. In 2014 that also came crumbling down, taking out plans for a whole cinematic universe in the process, when Amazing Spider-Man 2 grossly underperformed.

Sony’s deal with Marvel Studios to share the character and let Marvel produce & be the creative decision makers behind a new line of Spider-Man films that Sony gets all the profit from is that right choice that the studio now gets to enjoy. Officially, as of the writing of this article, Spider-Man: Homecoming has surpassed the domestic box office totals of both of the Amazing Spider-Man films, according to Box Office Mojo. 

The Tom Holland led Homecoming so far has brought in a very impressive $264.9 million at the domestic box while Amazing Spider-Man brought in $262 million and Amazing Spider-Man 2 brought in $202.8 million.

Worldwide the two Amazing films still are in the lead with $757.9 million for the first film and $709.0 million for the second film. Homecoming only has brought in $584.9 million worldwide so far, but it still has time to earn more and potentially beat those two films.

Spidey’s latest adventure though is still well behind the Raimi led films which come in at $403.7 million domestically for the first film, $373.5 million for the second and $336.5 million for the third and final film. Worldwide the Raimi films brought in $890.9 million for the third film, $821.7 million for the first film and $783.8 million for the second film.

Overall though the solo adventures of Spider-Man across six films have brought in over $1.8 billion domestically and $4.5 billion worldwide. Sony’s definitely thinking they made the right decision to get Marvel’s help to bring in that big Spider related money once again.




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