Marvel Legacy brings back Marvel trading cards, but as variant covers

Marvel Legacy Trading Card Variant Featured

Recently Marvel Comics brought back the 1990’s Jim Lee drawn X-Men trading cards back as variant covers in June. For Marvel Legacy, they are taking the trading card nostalgia to another level.

As revealed on, select titles in October will feature a Marvel Legacy Trading Card variant cover that features a character along with all facts, including names and key comic appearances, about that character on it just like a trading card. The covers were designed by John Tyler Christopher who created the recent line of action figure variant covers.

Marvel Legacy Trading Card VariantMarvel Legacy Trading Card Variant FalconMarvel Legacy Trading Card Variant Falcon 2Marvel Legacy Trading Card Variant NovaMarvel Legacy Trading Card Variant Nova 2Marvel Legacy Trading Card Variant PsylockeMarvel Legacy Trading Card Variant Psylocke 2

The Marvel Legacy issues featuring a trading card cover are:

Marvel Legacy #1
All-New Wolverine #25
Champions #13
Falcon #1
Invincible Iron Man #593
Jessica Jones #13
Luke Cage #166
Mighty Thor #700
Royals #9
Spider-Gwen #25
Spirits of Vengeance #1
Uncanny Avengers #28
Venom #155
X-Men Gold #13

Marvel Legacy begins in October.






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