Fan-made video imagines a DCEU featuring Mustache Superman

Mustache Superman

Unfortunately because of costly digital alterations, audiences won’t be graced with a gloriously mustachioed Henry Cavill donning the Superman costume during November’s Justice League. Cavill’s mustache, grown for his role in the currently filming Mission Impossible 6, is just one issue that Warner Bros. is facing with the hero team-up film’s reshoots.

Thanks to the internet though we can visualize a world where mustache Superman actually exists.

In the aptly named Batman v Superman (Moustache Edition)YouTuber David Johns creates the beautiful alternate universe where Superman has a spiffy mustache as he deals with Batman, Lex Luthor and the world’s fear of him. He’s not the only one though that sports glorious facial hair.

Hopefully Warner Bros. takes note of this video and realizes that the world is more than ready for a mustachioed man of steel. He’s the hero that we need and deserve.

Justice League opens on November 17.



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