Tom Felton has reportedly left The Flash

Julian Albert

This October, Team Flash is going to be just a bit smaller than expected.

While the season three finale setup reasons for why a couple of major characters won’t be around when season four begins, there is at least one character that didn’t get written out that will now be missing: Julian Albert.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Tom Felton, who played the Crime Scene Investigator, will not be returning as a series regular for the fourth season of The Flash. His disappearance will likely be explained by the six month time jump that will occur between the seasons.

Felton’s character was noticeably absent from the season four trailer that dropped during San Diego Comic Con, and the actor was not on hand for the panel.

When it comes to the various Greg Berlanti produced CW DC Hero series, deaths and departures of characters are not always forever. Multiple other actors have made big returns after departing one of the shows, only to return as the same character or playing a new version of the character.

Tom Cavenaugh has already played three different versions of the same character on the series, one each season.

If the story calls for it and Felton’s schedule permits it, Julian could return at some point in the upcoming season or beyond.

The Flash returns on October 10.


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