Scheduling & Henry Cavill’s mustache are reportedly causing issues for Justice League reshoots

Justice League Movie

When it comes to the Joss Whedon led reshoots for Warner Bros., Superman has encountered a brand new nemesis: a mustache.

When it comes to the substantial reshoots that the film is undergoing reportedly the studio has spent at least $25 million so far and is running into massive scheduling and other issues, according to Variety. While most films tend to only reshoot for a couple of weeks & those additional shots tend to cost between $6 and 10 million, Justice League reshoots have gone for almost two months already.

The ensemble nature of the film means that they need to have all of the stars around at times to film and while Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck might be free from current projects others like Henry Cavill and Ezra Miller have had to make accommodations as they are already hard at work on other projects.

Miller is working on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel from Warner Bros. which makes it slightly easier to find holes in his schedule, but not as easy as the studio would likely prefer. Cavill’s work and schedule comes with another layer of issues.

That’s where the previous mention of a mustache comes in. Cavill is currently working on Mission Impossible 6 where his character has a mustache and that is causing issues for the reshoots because of course Superman does not have any facial hair most times.

Since Paramount will understandably not let Cavill shave the mustache since he’s still filming the latest in the spy action franchise, Warner Bros. is having to spend time and money to digitally remove the mustache out of all the new shots of Superman.

While reshoots are pretty much standard for most big films, just shorter in time, the word tends to send fans into a frenzy now days. It doesn’t help that last year’s Suicide Squad underwent a lot of reshoots that many claim are the reason that it didn’t do well critically, even though it did well financially.

Justice League is slated to arrive in theaters on November 17.


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