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Five Points: Warner Bros. should adapt these five things for the DCEU’s Flashpoint movie

If Warner Bros. is truly moving forward with a big screen Flashpoint, there are certain comic moments they really should adapt.


Welcome to Five Points, a regular feature at Geekfinity where we lay out five ideas, thoughts, suggestions, etc about a certain movie/game/comic/show. These things could be ways the property could improve, moments we’d like to see, characters that should be used or used differently, new stories to be told, etc. All five of the points are the opinion of the current writer. Share your own thoughts about the points and what you want to see in the given property in our comments or through social media!

A lot of information was dropped during Warner Bros. Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, including a trailer for Justice League and a list of the films that they are currently focusing on for the near future of the DC Extended Universe. Most of the films on the list were ones that we have heard news about or knew were coming.

The one that caught a lot of attention, and rightfully so, was the news that the solo The Flash film has apparently either taken on the subtitle Flashpoint or will just be called Flashpoint. This means the film will in some way be adapting DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns’ 2011 comic book event series Flashpoint.

If you’re not familiar with the series it was one that saw the entire DC Comics Universe reimagined after Barry Allen changed everything by going back in time to save the life of his murdered mother. The ripple effects of this change led to a domino effect that changed entire lives and put the world in danger and took away or altered many of its heroes.

It’s definitely worth checking out the series and the various tie-in miniseries, one has Deathstroke as a pirate which is pretty cool. Since a film cannot fit everything that was done in the comic series, I’ve compiled the top five things that should definitely be adapted to fit into the DCEU version of this story.


Point One: Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the Batman

No, the actor that plays Negan and so many other parts was not in the original comic book series. He was, however, the actor tapped to briefly play Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father, in the opening credits of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is important because in the Flashpoint comics it is Bruce Wayne that is gunned down in a Gotham City alleyway leading to his father to become a grizzled and hardcore version of Batman who seeks revenge for his son’s death. Imagine Morgan getting to beat down criminals with ruthless abandon as a dark Batman, opposite of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen who will have knowledge of Bruce’s life and can try to convince Thomas that they must set the world right for Bruce’s sake. Sounds pretty great to me

A bonus to this is that we could see Lauren Cohan reprise her role as Martha Kent from that same BVS opening credit scene, but get to play a much bigger part. That’s because in the Flashpoint world Martha becomes so traumatized by seeing her son die that she carves a grin into her face and goes insane, becoming that world’s version of the Joker. The Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance miniseries is definitely worth a read.

Flashpoint Cyborg

Point Two: Cyborg is one of the greatest heroes in the world

Essentially in the Flashpoint world, Victor Stone is the equivalent of Superman. He’s a beloved hero that also is a leader in the resistance forces that are trying to put together the efforts to end the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman (more on that shortly). We haven’t seen much of Ray Fisher’s version of Cyborg yet, with only a cameo in BVS, but it’s likely that we’ll see a lot of him trying to get used to losing most of his body and being bonded to a Mother Box when Justice League comes out. Cyborg is that tortured soul that has to walk the line between man and machine on a regular basis.

Imagine a version though that is confident and strong and is looked upon by others as an amazing hero to the people. He’d be the person that the other heroes like Barry Allen and others would rally behind as they try to stop the war that is ravaging the world but also work to return things to the way they were, a world that is far better than the one they are in. Just watching some of Fisher’s moments on stage with the other cast or through social media, he comes off a really cool guy and would likely jump at the chance to elevate Cyborg in a film.

Flashpoint Aquaman & Wonder Woman

Point Three: The war between Emperor Aquaman & Queen Diana

Atlantis and Themyscira, two kingdoms who are wrapped in a bitter war that has spread throughout the entire world. At one time the nations were close together, about to seal a connection through the political marriage of Aquaman and Diana, but manipulations led instead to the death of Hippolyta and drove the nations to war when Diana lashed out to kill Aquaman’s new wife Mera. In Flashpoint this war had taken it’s toll on the world and originally was the thing that Cyborg, Batman, and others were focused on stopping until they became focused on helping Barry fix the timeline.

Seeing Jason Mamoa and Gal Gadot get to play more brutal and war-torn versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, commanding grand armies that rip and tear at each other would be amazing to see on the big screen. Both actors are already capturing the more heroic and fun versions of their characters, Mamoa doing so in Justice League trailers and in person at the cons, and this would allow them to stretch different acting muscles as they explore new facets of these characters. Can’t you just picture a titanic battle with the two crazy powered heroes just beating the hell out of one another as their armies wage war below them? I’d pay for a ticket just to watch that war alone as a movie.

Flashpoint Superman

Point Four: A whole different type of Superman emerges 

Because of all the ripples that came with Barry’s messing with the Speed Force and time, poor Kal-El didn’t get to land in Kansas and become adopted by the Kents so that he could one day become an iconic hero. His rocket still comes to Earth but instead of an empty field, it and a giant chunk of Krypton crash into and destroy Metropolis, the city he was destined to call home and protect. The U.S. military comes in and takes the baby, keeping him in a vault under Metropolis. In this world Kal-El is raised in a red sun cell, never getting to absorb any of that yellow sunlight that makes him so powerful, leaving us with an emaciated and pale young man that doesn’t know what he’s capable of.

That Superman eventually gets free and enters the story. Now right now you’re saying “But why would that Superman be cool to see on the screen?” Because it would be interesting to see a new take on the character that isn’t as grim as the one we’ve gotten, and it’s so different from what we’ve seen of Superman in any of the TV or movie versions. While I personally can’t wait for them to let Cavill actually fully play the hopeful, bright, powerful and inspirational hero that Superman should be, I definitely want to see this version too. Cavill might have a hard time playing the part of course because of how thin this Superman was drawn, but that could easily be changed that he’s normally built but isn’t as muscled. Just don’t work out to get that super chiseled physique for one film. Would totally be worth it.

Flashpoint Flash

Point Five: Barry Allen gets to be a powerless normal person

It’s not just the lives of others that Barry Allen changes when he makes the fateful decision to go back in time to save his mother. It’s his own life that gets a complete revamp as well. Instead of being the speedy superhero Flash, he’s just a regular run of the mill guy. It takes some time, and he gets injured at one point when he and Batman attempt to jump-start his powers by recreating the accident through which he gained them, but eventually he gets his powers back. Before that, though he gets to experience being a normal person again.

Because of the nature of the route the DCEU films have taken, Barry Allen is already the Flash when we briefly see him in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and when we fully see him Justice League later this year. With the solo Flash film said to be Flashpoint, it means getting really into Barry’s origins and such isn’t likely more than a flashback or references (though that might happen some in Justice League, we don’t know yet), so we won’t get to see a lot of a non-powered Barry Allen. Not that we did in The CW series or comics either, but we saw a bit. This is the way that it could easily be done though. Barry will journey to try and get his powers back and to set things right, but at the same time we’ll get to see a de-powered human Barry and get to learn a ton more about him as a person over just as a hero.

Do you agree or disagree with these five points? Do you have your own ideas for what Warner Bros. should incorporate from the Flashpoint story? Share your own ideas with us below or through our social media channels!



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