SDCC: Marvel Legacy turns Spider-Man/Deadpool into Spider-Man vs. Deadpool with a new creative team

Spider-Man & Deadpool

When Marvel Legacy kicks off this fall, the sometimes tense partnership between Spider-Man and Deadpool will take a much more antagonistic turn.

During the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends panel at San Diego Comic Con, Marvel announced that the current Spider-Man/Deadpool series will gain the new creative team of Robbie Thompson & Chris Bachalo and the new series title of Spider-Man vs Deadpool.

It’s not a surprising change for the characters since in his own solo book, changing titles to The Despicable Deadpool in October, Deadpool is taking a turn back to a much more villain like state of mind.

Every few issues the series will flash forward to a future where an elderly Wade and Peter will be in a retirement home together.

Both Thompson and Bachalo have previous Spider-Man experience as Thompson recently wrote the flashback Spidey series that featured modern tales of Spider-Man’s earliest days and Bachalo had drawn numerous issues of Amazing Spider-Man over the years.

The duo starts their creative run on the title with November’s Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #23.

(Via: Newsarama)


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