SyFy’s Krypton to feature Brainiac, Adam Strange & time travel connection to the present day


When it was first announced that SyFy Channel was considering the Superman prequel series Krypton, it was billed as a show that would look at Superman’s grandfather & life on Krypton before it met it’s untimely doom & Kal-El was sent on his one way trip to Earth. Apparnetly that is not all the show will be doing.

During a panel at San Diego Comic Con, showrunners Cameron Welsh and Damian Kindler and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns revealed that the series will take place both in the present and the past, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

“It’s a show that, although it takes place centuries ago on Krypton about the House of El, it’s about a conspiracy from the present that has traveled back in time to to Krypton to prevent Superman’s legacy from ever happening,” Johns said.

Essentially this means SyFy and the producers will have the ability to bring in any DC Comics character they like (likely with some restrictions based upon other films and TV shows) to the story if they feel the need or desire to do so.

“Adam Strange and Hawkwoman come to Krypton trying to stop the conspiracy and save Superman’s legacy,” Johns revealed. “Doomsday will be in the show. Brainiac is long overdue to be on screen like that.”

The interesting note is that the series team admitted that they knew that an entire series set in the past of Krypton would likely not be compelling for audiences, thus the time travel device to connect it to the present day as well.

“It changes the stakes of the show completely. … It’s not a look backwards,” Welsh said. “It’s quite unique. It allows us to deepen and expand upon the known mythology.”

Adam Strange will be coming to Krypton to protect the family of El so that Superman will be born and arrive on Earth, others from Earth will also be hidden on Krypton, and Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) will have to juggle trying to save his future family but also his family that is presently on Krytpon.

Krypton will debut on the SyFy Channel in 2018.


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