SDCC: Warner Bros. officially announces there will be a Wonder Woman sequel

Wonder Woman

As many suspected that they would, Warner Bros. took the opportunity to officially announce during their San Diego Comic Con panel in Hall H that there will indeed be a Wonder Woman sequel.

This move was inevitable as Wonder Woman has brought in $767.7 worldwide so far, which puts it miles ahead of the previous DC Extended Universe films Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. It was also the highest grossing live-action film with a female director and completely knocked down the ridiculous sentiment that female led action/superhero films aren’t wanted by the general audience.

Patty Jenkins return as director hasn’t been officially confirmed, but seems pretty much a given as well.

There is no word on what the film’s plot will be or when it will take place, with some previous rumors pointing to the 80s and the Cold War, or even a release date. More details are likely to come out soon enough.

(Via: Entertainment Weekly)


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