Marvel’s Iron Fist will have a new showrunner for season two

Marvel's Iron Fist

Earlier this year Marvel’s Iron Fist was one of the first Marvel/Netflix collaborations that seemed to miss the mark compared to the other series, because the critics and casual viewing audience seemed to be very divided over it’s quality.

When it was announced at San Diego Comic Con that the series is getting a second season just like the other four solo hero shows, many were uncertain about if it could be turned around from that first season.

The show will have a good chance to do so and potentially win fans back as it’s second season will come with a brand new showrunner. Raven Metzner will serve as the new showrunner with the departure of previous showrunner Scott Buck, who moved over to the ABC series Marvel’s Inhumans, according to Variety. 

While a new perspective will potentially bring some changes to the show that might be embraced or not by the fans, Metzner’s resume might cause some concern with many.

Previously he worked on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, NBC’s Heroes Reborn and TNT’s Falling Skies. Each shows that could be said to be hit or miss with many audiences, but in some cases found some measures of success.

The big thing that might worry some is Metzner’s previous Marvel connection. He wrote the screenplay for 2005’s widely panned Elektra. 

Time will tell how things will go for Iron Fist‘s second season, as it will not be seen till likely sometime in 2019 because of new seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage already slated for 2018.


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