SDCC: Darkwing Duck confirmed to appear in the DuckTales reboot

Darkwing Duck

Things are about to get dangerous in Duckburg this summer when Disney XD debuts the brand new DuckTales reboot series.

While they were cagey about it in the past, the creators of the new reboot revealed during a panel at San Diego Comic Con that the popular DuckTales character Darkwing Duck will indeed be part of the series, according to Entertainment Weekly. The duck superhero was spotted during a reel of the series that was played at the panel.

No information was given about how the character will appear in the series, or how much he’ll be brought into it. It also isn’t clear if he’ll have a connection to Launchpad, as the pilot (Scrooge McDuck’s personal pilot in DuckTales) was the roommate and sidekick to the duck hero in the original 90s Darkwing Duck series.

Previously Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones went on record saying that while DuckTales and Darkwing Duck shared the character of Launchpad they were set in different universes. That seems to be something that has changed at least from the DuckTales side of things.

DuckTales debuts with a special one-hour episode on September 23.


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