SDCC: Noah Hawley is reportedly developing a Doctor Doom film for Fox

Doctor Doom

Another go at the Fantastic Four doesn’t seem to be something that Fox has shown any interest in recently, since the failure of the 2015 reboot, but their greatest foe and one of the greatest Marvel Comics villains does seem to interest them.

According to VarietyLegion Fargo creator Noah Hawley was asked at the end of a San Diego Comic Con panel about Legion what his next film would be and he said,  “I’ll just say two words. The first one is Doctor and the next one is Doom.”

That would be one Victor Von Doom, the monarch of the nation of Latveria and a longtime antagonist, sometime ally, of the Fantastic Four and much of the Marvel Universe. Hawley is currently developing the film for Fox, but it’s not clear if he would be directing it should Fox decide to go forward with the film.

The studio owns the film rights to all of the Fantastic Four related characters, but hasn’t found much success with them so far. The original 2005 Fantastic Four and it’s sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer didn’t go over well at the box office or with fans much like the 2015 reboot.

These deals that Marvel made with other studios over their characters back before Marvel Studios began gave the various studios those characters as long as they were making films. If a studio doesn’t make a film within a certain amount of time the rights revert to Marvel, which could explain why Fox is trying to make something happen F4 related.

Their rights to the X-Men films are in no danger as the studio has found a recent return to success with Deadpool and Logan. 


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