SDCC: Geoff Johns confirms Dr. Manhattan behind DC Rebirth, reveals Doomsday Clock information


Doomsday Clock Featured

While most of it is still being kept close to the vest, DC Comics did reveal some information about their upcoming Doomsday Clock event at San Diego Comic Con. During the spotlight on Geoff Johns panel, shared images and information about the format of the event.

Doomsday Clock is a 12-issue storyline that will take place a year ahead of current DC Comics continuity, with all other series synching up with where the story will end in issue 12.

Along with the information, Johns and panel host Dan DiDio shared images from the event, including a Gary Frank image showing the Justice League standing on Mars (with Earth in the background) with the famous “Who Watches the Watchmen” question hanging above them. The answer to that question would seem to be the Justice League in this case.

According to Newsarama, Johns also fully confirmed that the person behind the lost time in the DC Universe, and the reason that the New 52 reboot happened in the first place, is Dr. Mahnattan from Watchmen, just like most people suspected.

As for the reason that it took this long for DC to confirm this, Johns said that he did not watn Manhattan’s presence to overshadow the return of Wally West in DC Universe: Rebirth #1.

Doomsday Clock begins in November.


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