The reboot Ghostbusters team stars in their own IDW miniseries this fall

Ghostbusters Answer the Call 01 Featured

While their cinematic future is uncertain, the all-female team of Ghostbusters from the 2016 reboot will continue to find new life in comic books. Abby, Patty, Erin, and Holtzmann will star in the new five-issue IDW series Ghostbusters: Answer the Call by Kelly Thompson and Corin Howell in October.

“After the phenomenal success of teaming the 2016 Ghostbusters with the original Ghostbusters in our dimension-hopping Ghostbusters 101 series, we are very excited to bring fans all new Ghostbusters: Answer the Call adventures,” said Editor Tom Waltz.  “If Ghostbusters 101 proved anything, it’s that ‘busting feels good in any dimension, and we at IDW are honored to join Sony and Ghost Corps in continuing to expand the ever-popular Ghostbusters shared universe.”

Ghostbusters Answer the Call 01

The series kicks off with the crew getting a routine call to dispose of a simple Class III spook but takes a turn when they encounter a terrifying Class VII that feeds upon fear and has plans to turn the world into a nightmare dimension.

With Howell drawing the main covers & Elsa Charretier, Valentina Pinto and others providing variant covers, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call #1 arrives in October.




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