Gotham’s season four SDCC poster teases Bruce Wayne’s journey to Batman

One thing that many fans have talked about since the series beginning is whether at some point Fox’s Gotham will see the younger Bruce Wayne ever embrace his destiny as the caped crusader Batman. A brand new poster for the series upcoming fourth season hints that the time might be near.

Shared by TVInsider, the new San Diego Comic Con exclusive mini poster features Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon in the center of the poster with David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne in the center overlooking Gotham City, his jacket coattails flapping in the wind much like his future cape. The season tagline “Dawn of Night” also ties into the idea that the evolution towards Batman is much closer.

Gotham Season 4 SDCC Poster

After all that the character went through in season three, the fact that he will be moving closer to his vigilante future is not that surprising.

Gotham will take over the Indigo Ballroom on July 22 at 2:50 p.m. during SDCC where members of the cast will have a Q&A session as well as show off a first look at the new season. The series returns on September 28, in it’s new home on Thursday nights.


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