The Red Eye – It’s time for more companies to follow the BBC and ignore the angry fanboys

Doctor Who Whittaker

Over the weekend, the BBC did something that was truly amazing.

They fully ignored the desires of the angry hateful vocal fanboy minority base and did something that they wanted to do that needed to be done.

After almost 54 years and 36 series (that would be seasons to U.S. and other audiences) the network announced that the latest regeneration of The Doctor, main character of the long running science fiction series Doctor Who, would be a woman.

Jodie Whittaker, from Broadchurch Attack the Block among other things, is the actress that will jump into the TARDIS and play the iconic part following the departure of current actor Peter Capaldi during the upcoming Christmas special.

New incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall and everyone at The BBC that had a part in the decision made the correct choice, to finally end the white male hold upon the part that had been there since the beginning. While the lead being a white male made sense in previous times where things were not as progressive, there was no excuse to be continuing that in the modern times.

With examples fully on display of Timelords changing genders and races with regenerations, through supporting characters as well as through the Doctor’s enemy The Master who turned into Missy (played by Michelle Gomez) in 2014, it was about time that such changes came for the main character.

Whittaker being a talented actress of course played a major part in her casting, not just a “PC move” to put a woman in the role as the angry fans would have people believe.

So now we circle back to the fans, which we started this article off with.

The choosing of a woman to play the role is something to cheer about as long as possible, as is the fact that the network chose to ignore that minority angry fan base. To many times even in our modern day companies, politicians, etc choose to give into the angry minority for fear of pissing them off.

This is why we don’t get films or shows or comics that we want sometimes with characters of color or women or LGBTQ filling some of the main roles. Because the companies still cater to that angry base that hates change.

They are the ones that scream that “this ruins my childhood” or “that’s it I’m out” or “the PC brigade has just ruined this show/film/etc” any time a change is made to slightly cut away at the white male domination in most forms of entertainment, in politics, sports, etc.

They are part of the crowd that influence the decisions that cause comic book characters to default back to their old school mostly white male status quo, after another more diverse individual holds the mantle for a few years.

The beauty of things like Doctor WhoStar Trek, comic books and many other things in the entertainment sphere is the idea of change (whether it’s characters, dimensions, ideas, etc) is built right into their DNA. Yet, many of these rigid fanbase members are the ones that will fight to stop these properties from ever changing from what they desire.

Because they tend to scream louder than those of us that are satisfied with the changes, companies pay attention to them and reverse course or don’t make further changes. Not all companies of course, but too many in the long run.

There were reports during the search for a new Doctor that the BBC officials wanted to finally change the Doctor but were supposedly afraid that it would anger this hateful base.

Those reports could be, and likely are, totally false, and the BBC could have always been fully on board with making this change, never once thinking about the angry people.

Either way, they made the correct choice.

Now it’s time for more companies to do the same.

Stop letting the angry screaming hateful base decide what types of entertainment, government, etc we get as a society. Just because the rest of us don’t scream as loud doesn’t mean our feelings about entertainment or other maters should be ignored.

If we continue to ignore them eventually they’ll be an even smaller minority left alone in the dark screaming about the good old days that are just a footnote in the past.

That’s the way it should be.


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