Venom returns to his Lethal Protector role & takes on Kraven for Marvel Legacy

Venom 155 Featured

Marvel’s latest Venom series beat all the Marvel Legacy titles to the punch when it restored it’s ties to the past in May by reverting to classic numbering, with #150, and by reuniting Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote for the first time in many years.

This fall under the Legacy banner the series will restore another part of Venom’s past, returning the character to his place as the Marvel Universe’s so-called lethal protector.

As revealed by Entertainment Weekly, the aptly titled “Lethal Protector” arc kicks off in Venom #155 by Mike Costa and Mark Bagley will pit Venom against another classic Spider-Man antagonist, Kraven the Hunter.

Venom 155

There wasn’t much revealed about the reasons for this fight or where the storyline will take Venom, but Bagley did offer up some information about the slightly more restrained look of Brock’s Venom on the cover.

“Venom’s more exaggerated look, the huge muscles, massive fanged jaws, and that amazing tongue, really evolved over the years from artist to artist” Bagley said. “With the Legacy stories I think Marvel really wanted to rein that in quite a bit. Bring Eddie Brock/Venom back to his roots, so to speak. But the tongue and more monstrous aspects of his look aren’t gone for good. Instead, they are going to be used thematically as more of a visual cue to reflect the symbiote’s mental state.”

Venom #155 arrives in October.



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