Marvel Legacy sends Captain Marvel on a journey back to her heroic origins

Captain Marvel 125 Featured

With a major solo film on the way, arriving in 2019, the origins & heroic legacy that Carol Danvers has shouldered will be explored as the series enters Marvel Legacy this fall.

As revealed by Entertainment WeeklyCaptain Marvel #125 will return the series to legacy numbering & kick off an arc titled “Dark Origin” by Margaret Stohl & Michele Bandini which will attempt to clear up & streamline the somewhat convoluted origins of Carol as a hero.

“The heart of Carol’s origin story is her family, and it’s so much simpler and so much bigger than the pieces that have been told before,” Stohl said. “‘Dark Origin,’ our Legacy story arc, will take Carol down a pretty terrifying wormhole back to her own past, setting up an epic confrontation that she’ll be dealing with in one way or another for the next two arcs. It’s an epic story Marvel editors Sana Amanat, Joe Quesada, and Axel Alonso have been brainstorming with me since our last creative summit, and I’m super excited to get to tell it.”

While the arc will dive deeply into Carol’s past, her present day status as one of the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe will not be forgotten.

“As I’ve said in the past, with the events of Secret Empire, we’ve really been reminded that there’s more than one Cap in the Marvel Universe. As Captain America stumbles, Captain Marvel steps up,” Stohl said. “Watching Steve lose his way has only made Carol more certain of hers — which is good, because almost everything else she’s thought she knew about her life is about to be called into question. Buckle up, folks. Things are about to get pretty wild in the Carol-verse.”

Check out the solicitation and the cover for Captain Marvel #125 below.

Captain Marvel 125

As Captain Marvel, CAROL DANVERS has traveled to almost every inch of the planet – and beyond! Now she’s heading to somewhere uncharted, where there’s no familiar face to be seen except for…her own! Join Carol on her new cosmic journey through the past and future as Captain Marvel takes flight in an adventure you won’t want to miss. The earth-shattering secrets of her Dark Origin are finally revealed, and the Marvel Universe will be forever changed. PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES! Story by Robbie Thompson and a TBA artist!


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