Ragman makes his DC Comics return in a brand new October launching miniseries

Ragman Cover Featured

After getting a bit of exposure as part of the ensemble cast of The CW’s Arrow season five, Rory Regan the Ragman is getting a brand new miniseries from DC Comics this fall.

As revealed by Comic Book Resources, the new six-issue Ragman miniseries by Ray Fawkes, Inaki Miranda and Eva de la Cruz will seek to firmly plant the title character in the world of Gotham City. Guillem March will provide the covers for the series.

The series description is below:

War vet Rory Regan is plagued by the death of his time after a failed mission to find a hidden treasure in the Israeli desert. While battling survivor’s guilt back home in Gotham City, Regan discovers that he actually bought the treasure back home with him, in the form of the Suit of Souls. The Suit of Souls has the ability to trap and collect the souls of others, including those of his dead partners.

With the aid of his dead teammates, Rory begins to learn more about the abilities of the suit, when something evil begins to brew in Gotham. An evil demon from hell wants the Suit of Souls, and is sending his minions to retrieve it for him. Now Rory must learn how to use the suit and its powers to stop these evil forces from invading Gotham City before it’s too late.

Created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert for Ragman #1 in 1976, the character had a bit of a spotlight going at DC Comics in the mid-2000’s as he was a central character in the magic based series Shadowpact in 2006-2008 and then in 2010’s Ragman: Suit of Souls one-shot. After the DC Universe was completely rebooted in 2011, the character hasn’t had a starring role of any kind.

Ragman #1 is set for an October 11 release.

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