Marvel Legacy takes Cage on a journey to find himself in Luke Cage #166

Luke Cage 166 Featured

For Luke Cage, the start of Marvel Legacy this fall will revolve around figuring out his identity.

As revealed by Newsarama, David Walker and Nelson Blake’s recently launched Luke Cage series will continue this October and will pick up it’s legacy numbering with issue #166, and will explore Carl Lucas, the man Cage was before he became the bulletproof Luke Cage.

“Luke Cage is not Luke Cage. Carl Lucas is Luke Cage. And this story is about what it is in Carl Lucas that makes him Luke Cage,” Walker said. “Within the Legacy storyline there is an exploration of who Luke Cage is at his core, and by this I don’t mean Luke Cage – I actually mean Carl Lucas. Hardcore fans know that Luke Cage’s real name is Carl Lucas, and that he became Luke Cage after getting super powers and escaping prison. We are exploring what makes Luke Cage who he is, but in order to do that, we really need to get into Carl Lucas. Once he’s gone through the ordeal he will face in Legacy, we will have a better sense of who he is at the core of his being.”

These explorations of the past and just who a character is within, are what Walker says is part of Marvel Legacy‘s mission to capture a more ‘classic Marvel’ style.

“What I’m trying to do is take Luke back to the place he was when he was first introduced into the Marvel universe. When we talk about the ‘Classic Marvel’ feeling, I think some people get confused. There was a specific way stories were written in decades past – captions, thought balloons, and things like that. Yes, that’s part of the ‘Classic Marvel,’ but there is something much deeper, and it speaks to the emotional resonance of the characters. Marvel’s characters have always been most interesting because of who they are, more than because of what they do. This particular Luke Cage story is about him and the circumstances he is in, which define him and shape him, and to me that is ‘Classic Marvel.’”

Check out the cover and solicitation for Luke Cage #166, arriving in October, below.

Luke Cage 166

Cover by RAHZZAH
CAGED Part 1
Carl Lucas went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit and came out a new man: the hero Luke Cage. Now, Luke finds himself on the wrong side of the law and thrown back in prison again. What dark power has caged Luke once more and when the entire world is threatened, how can Luke Cage save everyone from the inside of a jail cell?


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