Marvel Legacy brings about the birth of Gwenom in Spider-Gwen #25

Spider-Gwen 25 Featured

When Marvel Legacy kicks off this fall, the relatively new character of Spider-Gwen will find herself facing off with her universe’s version of a classic Spider-Man foe: Venom.

As revealed by Newsarama, writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez will continue their run on Spider-Gwen and will at long last bring about a storyline they teased previously called Gwenom which sees the birth of Earth 65’s Venom symbiote. The birth of this symbiote has ties to the current Predators storyline in the series.

“Our ‘Evil’ Earth-65 Matt Murdock holds the cure to Harry Osborn’s Lizard disease. A side effect of which is the creation of the Venom symbiote,” Latour said. “Murdock has charged Gwen with bringing Harry in. If Gwen doesn’t Harry becomes the Lizard for good or rots in a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison. If Gwen does, she hands Murdock the Venom symbiote in the process, and perhaps seals her own fate.”

As the name would suggest, there is no mystery about who this symbiote will be bonding with.

“It’s pretty much in the name,” Latour said. “It’s how we get there, and how it impacts Gwen’s world along the way that’s all the fun…”

Where this story will take Gwen in the future, is where the mystery truly lies.

“Not to be coy… but who says there is a ‘next’?” Latour said. “That’s not to say that Spider-Gwen’s stories are over. Far from it. But the power of this book is its ability to go anywhere. Don’t expect the symbiote or “Gwenom” to be forgotten or temporary. I said it when Gwen lost her powers – we do these things with lasting intention. And Gwenom is shaping up to be the most lasting, and impactful moment in the history of this book.”

Check out the solicitation and cover for Spider-Gwen #25 below.

Spider-Gwen 25

Gwen’s life irrevocably changes as she bonds with her universe’s version of the Venom symbiote. What does it mean for her relationship with crime kingpin MATT MURDOCK? With her father? With THE OSBORNS?! Is any relationship in Gwen’s life safe? It’s SPIDER-GWEN like you’ve never seen her before, and this time, there’s no easy fix for her troubles!


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