Marvel Legacy’s The Falcon creative team has been revealed

The Falson 01 Featured

Marvel Comics has been releasing bits of information over the last few weeks about their upcoming Marvel Legacy inintiative, which will see legacy numbering return alongside classic heroes & new stories, but have kept the creative teams that will be leading these books quiet.

One of those creative teams seems to have been revealed.

According to, the brand new The Falcon title that will be part of Marvel Legacy will feature Sam Wilson taking back his own superhero moniker with Peabody and AFI Award-winning writer and producer Rodney Barnes (The Boondocks, Everybody Hates Chris) and Joshua Cassara (Secret Empire: Uprising, The Troop) guiding Sam’s new adventures.

Falcon_Elizabeth_TorqueBefore the Secret Empire event, Sam had been serving as Captain America for quite a few years, but in light of his best friend Steve Rogers being the leader of Hydra, Sam is stepping away from the shield and is doing his own thing again.

“At the moment, Sam is in a state of transition,” Barnes said. “He feels guilty about his relationship with Steve Rogers and wonders if he didn’t pick up clues as to what team Steve was really playing for what else has he missed? So he’s backing away from the limelight for a spell and taking a more grass roots approach to making the world a better place. He needs a break and some distance between himself and the role he’s played as of late. He’s disappointed in Steve Rogers and in himself for not seeing the signs sooner. This is a time for resetting the table.”

While he’s going back to his own heroic legacy, one change for Sam is that he’ll be taking on a new sidekick under his wings. That new side kick is Rayshaun Lucas, who just debuted as the brand new version of The Patriot during Secret Empire: Brave New World #2.

“The Patriot helps Falcon connect with the Millennial mindset of today’s world,” Barnes said. “Sam typically deals with his own peer group who sees the world much like he does. Shaun is an optimist and this helps to balance the sense of self-doubt Sam’s going through. There are some similarities in Sam’s relationship with Rayshaun to the one he had with Joaquin Torres, but Sam was in a different place then. Much more the typical authoritarian. Here he’s second guessing himself and Shaun isn’t afraid to point that out.”

Besides adding on a protege Sam will also take on some new threats that are not normally in his wheelhouse, like the magical side of the MU, with the first story arc pitting him against Mephisto’s demon son Blackheart.

Barnes said part of the plan is to establish Sam’s definitive role in the Marvel Universe, a role that doesn’t have to include the Captain America mantle.

“By the end of my run, my hope is that Sam will be clear minded and focused as to his place in the Marvel Universe,” Barnes said. “He’s worn a lot of hats over the last few years and that’s sort of disrupted his sense of self. The plan is to restore that. I’d say the tone is more personal and intimate. Often times superheroes become so connected to the missions at hand that they forget there’s a real person under the costume.”

Check out the solicitation and cover by Jesus Saiz below.

The Falson 01


Continuing directly out of the pages of MARVEL LEGACY #1!

Sam Wilson – winged warrior, avian Avenger and one-time sentinel of liberty – takes to the skies again, reborn and recommitted as the fighter for freedom, THE FALCON!

Engaged in an all-new assignment while training his new partner THE PATRIOT, Sam Wilson soars high and sees all. But Sam’s new mission finds him on a collision course with an enemy way out of his weight class—the demonic BLACKHEART! From the stratosphere to the streets, the Marvel Universe now has a high-flying hero circling above them ready to strike!


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