Marvel Legacy turns Totally Awesome Hulk into Incredible Hulk as Greg Pak returns to Planet Hulk


Return to Planet Hulk Featured

The legacy of Bruce Banner will continue to affect the life of Marvel’s newest Hulk, as Amadeus Cho makes the trip to planet Sakaar this fall for Marvel Legacy.

According to, Grek Pak will remain on board when The Totally Awesome Hulk transforms into The Incredible Hulk this fall as he teams up with his Weapon X collaborator Greg Land for the storyline “Return to Planet Hulk.”

The original Planet Hulk storyline from 2006 was one of the biggest stories that came during Greg Pak’s first lengthy run on the Hulk related titles.

“Since this is comics, it makes sense that eventually we’d revisit the ‘Planet Hulk’ storyline in some way or another, right?” Pak said. “But no, I never dreamed it would happen quite in this way, and I’m loving it! This has been a kind of banner year for me in terms of ‘Planet Hulk‘ — I also had the chance to write the prose novel of ‘Planet Hulk‘ that comes out in October, so I’ve had this world back in my head and heart for months now. ‘Planet Hulk‘ remains one of the most fun things I’ve ever worked on in comics, so I’m thrilled with every chance to return.”

While Amadeus never visited Skaar, he was part of that original story.

“I’m having a particular blast digging into the world in this unexpected way. Amadeus was actually one of the few Marvel heroes besides Banner and the Illuminati who had any involvement in the original ‘Planet Hulk‘ storyline at all — he fought Reed Richards to find out what had happened to the Hulk and eventually sided with the Hulk during World War Hulk,” Pak said. “So it makes sense that Amadeus should be the one to return to Sakaar for an adventure of his own. He’s a cocky kid who’s always so certain of his own take on things and he had such strong opinions about what happened to Banner during ‘Planet Hulk;’ now that he’s about to experience something similar, we’ve got a great chance to see how he’ll react differently and what he’ll learn.”

Since Amadeus is different than Bruce, he’ll have his own adventure on the planet.

This new story will deal with Amadeus landing in the middle of Fillia, a distant nation referred to in the first story as one that Sakaar’s Red King was always at war with. After being bombed into barbarism by the Red King’s war, a group of Fillia survivors that are aware of the legend of Banner’s Hulk/The Green Scar head into the stars to find that Hulk, but find Amadeus instead.

“I think ‘Return to Planet Hulk’ feels like the right title since we’re returning to the same planet, but we’re exploring a different part of it with a different Hulk,” Pak said. “It’s definitely real and fits into the continuity and adds to the mythos and is indeed a kind of a sequel, but it’s laying new groundwork with some new characters rather than serving as a direct sequel with the same cast as the original.”

The adventure begins in The Incredible Hulk #708 this fall. Check out Greg Land’s cover for the issue & the solicitation below.

Return to Planet Hulk

Written by GREG PAK
Penciled by GREG LAND
Cover by GREG LAND
Continuing directly out of the pages of MARVEL LEGACY #1 and the transformative events of GENERATIONS! When Amadeus Cho picks up a distress signal from a distant planet he’s shocked to find out it’s from SAKAAR. As the Totally Awesome Hulk, he’s been trying to avert the curse of anger that haunted Bruce Banner. But SAKAAR is a place for warriors and gladiators…a place where the Hulk fought brutally in the Imperial Arena…who is calling Cho for help?



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