Marvel Comics releases homage covers to reveal their 52 Marvel Legacy titles


After months of teasers & snippets of news, Marvel Comics is beginning to peel back the curtain to reveal what is coming as part of their Marvel Legacy initiative this fall. As promised in their previous teasers Marvel Legacy will balance titles/character both classic and newer.

Through websites like, Diamond PreviewsWorld, Nerdist, Comic Vine, Newsarama, IGN, SyFy Wire and lastly through, Marvel has revealed a number of the titles that will be on stands in October in gif format. The various gifs features brand new covers for October titles along with the classic Marvel Comics covers that they are paying homage to.

While there are no creative teams or full details about the books, those will likely come during SDCC next month, the gifs do reveal some possible plot points of titles as well as a few title changes.

All-New Wolverine

Clawed sibling conflict replaces the Hulk vs Thing battle of John Buscema’s Fantastic Four #112 in Kris Anka’s All-New Wolverine cover.

Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows debuts a seemingly older looking version of Spiderling (Anna May Parker) with a cover by Khary Randolph that is an homage to Mike Zeck’s Amazing Spider-Man #252.


America continues and pits the hero against the villain Oubliette in a cover by Ben Caldwell that is a homage to John Romita Sr.’s Amazing Spider-Man #39.

Astonishing X-Men

Astonishing X-Men features a cover from John Cassaday that is a direct homage to his own first cover from the original volume of Astonishing X-Men in 2004.


Mike Allred’s Avengers cover has the Avengers facing off against the Champions in an homage to the Avengers vs X-Men cover by John Buscema & George Tuska for Avengers #53.

Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider gains a Mark Bagley cover that pits the Spider-Man clone against the Stingers in a cover inspired by John Romita, Sr.’s Amazing Spider-Man #51.


Black Bolt

Continuing the recent trend to compare the X-Men and Inhumans to one another, as they do share a lot in common, Black Bolt gets a John Byrne Uncanny X-Men #141 inspired cover by Christian Ward.

Black Panther

With no artist attached, Black Panther prepares to take on his sonic powered foe Klaw in a cover inspired by Todd McFarlane’s The Incredible Hulk #340 cover.


Rob Liefeld is inspired by himself as he creates an homage to New Mutants #87 in a new Cable cover that teases a newer New Mutants.


Sal Buscema’s cover to Avenegrs Annual #17 provides the inspiration for Dan Mora’s Champions cover which replaces the Avengers of old with members of the current Avengers & Champions as they take on the High Evolutionary. Based upon this & the Avengers cover, the two teams look to be engaging in a small crossover.


Juan Cabal replaces the Phoenix with the Kingpin in his Daredevil cover that is a take on John Byrne’s Uncanny X-Men #135 cover.


Deadpool has the Merc with a Mouth targeting his best pal Cable in Salvador Espin’s cover that is a homage to John Romita’s Amazing-Spider-Man #129.

Doctor Strange

Gene Colan’s cover to Doctor Strange #177 provides the inspiration for Mike Deodato, Jr.’s Doctor Strange cover featuring the Sorcerer Supreme taking on Loki, the God of Mischief.

Generation X

Generation X pulls from it’s roots with Chris Bachalo’s cover to the original Generation X #1 providing the basis for a new cover that features the new class of students with their mentor Jubilee with the villain Emplate replaced by his sister Monet, who he is currently possessing.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The hunt for the Infinity Gems is on in Ron Lim’s All-New Guardians of the Galaxy cover which is inspired by George Perez’s Infinity Gauntlet #1 cover.


The Hawkeyes, Kate & Clint, come together again in Greg Smallwood’s Hawkeye cover that pays homage to David Aja’s Hawkeye #1 cover.


Michael Ryan reunites the original Champions in an Iceman cover that pulls from Gil Kane’s Champions #1.

Iron Fist

Sabretooth returns to take on his very first foe Iron Fist as the homage cover for that series, artist unknown, calls back to Dave Cockrum’s Iron Fist #14 which is the first appearance of the clawed mutant assassin.

Jean Grey

Mike Mayhew pulls from John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men #2 cover and places Jean Grey and Emma Frost together for Jean Grey.

Jessica Jones

The Purple Man is back in Jessica Jones life and she’s brought together her Defenders teammates in Dan Mora’s Jessica Jones cover that calls back to Frank Miller’s Marvel Team-Up Annual #4 cover.

Luke Cage - Hero For Hire

Luke seems to add Hero for Hire back to his title in the Dave Johnson Luke Cage cover that calls back to John Romita, Sr.’s Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1 cover.


Axel Alonso’s The Thing teaser is indeed the return of Marvel’s Two-In-One series this time starring The Thing and The Human Torch, the only remaining members of the Fantastic Four, in a Edgar Delgado cover that is an homage to Rich Buckler and Joe Sinnott’s Fantastic Four #159.


Jane Foster’s long battle with cancer seems to be coming to an end, as Stephanie Hans The Mighty Thor cover calls back to Jim Starlin’s Marvel Graphic Novel The Death of Captain Marvel where Mar-Vell died from cancer.

Monsters Unleashed

Jack Kirby’s monster featuring Fantastic Four #1 cover provides the inspiration for Dan Mora’s Monsters Unleashed cover.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur appears to team-up the young heroine with the two remaining Fantastic Four members in a cover from Felipe Smith as a homage to Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four #49.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight looks to be getting another title with this brand new cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, an homage to his own Moon Knight #25 cover.


Kamala Khan’s adventures continue as Jake Wyatt’s Ms. Marvel cover pays tribute to Jack Kirby’s Captain America #109 cover.

Old Man Logan

Logan’s battle against the Silver Samurai from John Buscema’s Wolverine #2 gives inspiration for Cameron Stewart’s Old Man Logan cover that pits the clawed mutant against the new version of the Silver Samurai.


Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man finds himself behind bars in Paolo Siquera’s Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man cover which homages Al Milgrom’s Captain America #260 cover.


Another X-Men cover gives inspiration to the Inhumans, as Royals receives a cover by Juan Doe that is an homage to Terry Austin’s Uncanny X-Men #142.

Secret Warriors

Jim Steranko’s Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 gives the spy filled inspiration for Dave Johnson’s Secret Warriors cover that looks to pit the team of Inhumans against Mr. Sinister.


Herb Trimpe’s Incredible Hulk #115 cover gets an update as Jennifer Walter’s Hulk title becomes She-Hulk once more, and teases a confrontation with The Leader.


The symbiote bonded Gwennom arrives in the Khary Randolph Spider-Gwen cover inspired by Todd McFarlane’s Amazing Spider-Man 316. 


Mark Bagley pulls inspiration from John Romita, Sr.’s Amazing Spider-Man King-Size Special #6 as Miles Morales tackles the Sinister Six in Spider-Man.

Spider-Man vs Deadpool

The bromance between Spider-Man and Deadpool seems over as their duo title becomes Spider-Man vs. Deadpool in October with a

Spirits of Vengeance

Ghost Rider, Blade, Daimon Hellstrom, and Satanna come together in a brand new Spirits of Vengeance series with Ken Lashley’s cover paying homage to Dave Cockrum’s Giant-Size X-Men #1.


Thanos stands triumphant over the fallen heroes of the Marvel Universe in a cover that is an homage to Mike Zeck’s Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #12 cover.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Unlike the other covers that are getting covers inspired by other comic books, Alex Ross has pulled from John Romita’s, Sr.’s cover to Amazing Spider-Man: A Rockomic for The Amazing Spider-Man 

The Defenders

Szymon Kudranski provides a Jack Kirby The Avengers #16 inspired cover for The Defenders.


It seems Sam Wilson is headed back to his original superhero identity after Secret Empire as he appears on Elizabeth Torque’s cover of The Falcon which has a cover in homage to Ron Wilson’s Invincible Iron Man #71 cover.

The Incredible Hulk

Totally Awesome Hulk becomes The Incredible Hulk as Amadeus Hulk takes a trip to Planet Hulk in a cover by Mike Deodato in homage to Jose Ladronn’s Incredible Hulk #94.

The Invincible Iron Man

It’s Riri Williams vs Victor Von Doom for the legacy of Tony Stark in Invincible Iron Man with a Alan Davis tribute to John Romita, Jr.’s The Invincible Iron Man #150 cover.

The Mighty Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers appears to be dealing with some internal demons of her own in the Jack Kirby Incredible Hulk #1 inspired cover of The Mighty Captain Marvel, the artist not listed.

The Punisher

The Punisher seemingly gets an upgrade in his fight against crime in Tim Bradstreet’s cover that is an homage to Kevin Hopgood’s Iron Man #282.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Moebius’ Silver Surfer: Parable #1 takes an interesting spin as it’s adapted for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl with Doreen taking the place of Galactus.

The Unbelievable Gwenpool

The Fantastic Four love continues as The Unbelievable Gwenpool cover sends her up against Doctor Doom in a homage to Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four #200 cover.

The Uncanny Avengers

Rogue’s team of Avengers are at the mercy of the Scarlet Witch just like the old school Avengers were in John Byrne’s Avengers #187 cover.


The search for the missing Cannonball continues in the cover for U.S.Avengers which keeps the Fantastic Four love going with an homage to John Byrne’s Fantastic Four #261 cover by Christian Ward.


Steve McNiven’s Amazing Spider-Man #545 cover paved the way for Francesco Mattina’s Venom cover.  Will Venom be getting his own Brand New Day?


Val Staple’s Weapon X cover features Old Man Logan tearing into a pile of foes that pays tribute to Barry Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X cover.

X-Men Blue

X-Men Blue sees the return of the TV obsessed Mojoworld, it’s greatest star Longshot and its ruler Mojo in a cover by David Lopez that is an homage to Jim lee’s X-Men #10.

X-Men Gold

The Mojoworld antics continue as the Blue and Gold X-Men teams face off in Ben Caldwell’s take on Dave Cockrum’s classic Uncanny X-Men #100.

Marvel Legacy kicks off on September 27 with the 50-page one-shot Marvel Legacy #1 from Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic.


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