DC Comics names a new Wonder Woman creative team for September

Wonder Woman 31 Featured

This summer, Wonder Woman gets a brand new creative team for her comic series and gains a sibling as well. DC Comics announced that starting with issue #31 in September, a new creative team of James Robinson, Carlo Pagulayan and Emanuela Lupacchino will make their debut.

Their six-month run on the title will begin with an arc titled “Children of the Gods” will focus on a mystery left by 2015’s Justice League: Darkseid War and last year’s DC Universe: Rebirth that concerns Diana’s recently revealed brother, Jason. The only male born on the island of Themyscira, Jason was taken in the dead of night as a baby and now he will meet his sister at last as the two come face-to-face with a cosmic threat.

Wonder Woman 31

In June Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott and other artists brought their 25 issue run on Wonder Woman to an end. The new creative team of Shea Fontana and Mirka Andolfo picks up with issue #27 in July for a five issue run.

Even with the creative changes, the series will remain on the shipping twice a month schedule.

Wonder Woman #31 arrives on September 27.



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