Marvel teases a connection between Secret Empire & Generations events

At first glance Marvel’s current Hydra/Captain America event Secret Empire and the time-travel 10-part legacy team-up series Generations just seemed like two separate events that would follow one another in Marvel’s publishing schedule.

That first impression might have been misleading.

The publisher released a teaser for Secret Empire #10 that features a snippet of Alex Ross’ Generations art on the cover with the mysterious phrase “What is the Vanishing Point?” on there as well.


This teaser now begs the question is this Vanishing Point the thing that will help bring Captain America back from being Hydra (cause we all know that is coming) at the end of the story and somehow is the thing that will kick off the legacy team-ups in Generations?

This would make sense since it’s been made clear in solicitations for the first five of the 10 Generations one-shots that time travel of some sort is being used to team-up characters like Hulk, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Captain Marvel and others with younger versions of or deceased heroes that they share a mantle with.

However these two stories might be connected, together they will lead into the October Legacy initiative from the publisher which will see their long-running character titles revert to their legacy issue numbering as well as potentially lead to relaunches to some other titles.


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