Brian Michael Bendis announces an upcoming Punisher: End of Days series

Daredevil End of Days Punisher

This month Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez are set to launch a brand new Defenders series starring the same characters as the upcoming Netflix series. When promoting that series with, Bendis revealed another project of his that is on the way.

The interview revealed that the Punisher will appear in Defenders, and that the plans for his appearance in that series led to Marvel giving the writer the okay to pursue a Punisher: End of Days limited series. If the End of Days title seems familiar, it’s because Bendis did a Daredevil: End of Days limited series back in 2012 that chronicled the final days of Matt Murdock and the aftermath of his death.

“[We] were given the OK to do a Punisher: End of Days series, like we did with Daredevil,” Bendis said. “But this won’t be like a sequel, but instead, kind of like a ‘side-quel’ with Punisher. It’s in that world with The Punisher trying to attempt his final ‘Punish.'”

There was no mention of an intended release for the series or of the artistic team.


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