New cast, images & information arrives for Disney XD’s DuckTales reboot


Nostalgic revivals are all the rage lately, and arguably one of the most anticipated is definitely Disney’s reboot of the beloved 80s/90s cartoons series DuckTales. With the return to Duckburg only a few months away, Entertainment Weekly has revealed a bunch of new information & images for the series.

While the revival will pull much from the original series, it will have some changes to give it a new modern look.

“One of the things we always loved about the old show was that it was this family of adventurers, but the emphasis in every episode had always been on the adventure and plotline,” said co-producer Francisco Angones. “The basic conceit of growing our show was that this is a big blended family of adventurers, so it should feel like a combination of Indiana Jones and a blended Arrested Development-style family sitcom where every character has a different relationship to one another.”


Part of that change comes with sticking with the adventure-of-the-week style storyline but adding some serialization to the series in the form of a first season mystery that involves a decade-old family secret. The secret about why Scrooge and his nephew Donald Duck stopped adventuring together.

Another change will be providing the triplets Huey, Dewey and Louie with more defined personalities & goals as well as giving a much bigger role to Webigail/Webby, the granddaughter of Scrooge’s maid Mrs. Beakley. Webby is said to be a crucial part of the adventuring team and is described as having Scrooge’s heart, while Huey has his brains, Dewey has his guts and Louie has his love of treasure.

Previously it was revealed that the series comes with some pretty big names attached to the voice cast including David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck,  Danny Pudi as Huey, Ben Schwartz as Dewey, and Bobby Moynihan as Louie, Kate Micucci as Webby Vanderquack, Beck Bennett as Launchpad McQuack and Toks Olagundoye as Mrs. Beakley and Lin-Manual Miranda as  Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera/Gizmoduck.

That’s not where the population of Duckburg or familiar actor names end.


Entertainment Weekly revealed that the cast will also feature Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck, Paul F. Tompkins as Donald & Scrooge’s shared nemesis Gladstone Gander, Jim Rash as the mad-scientist inventor of the Gizmoduck suit Gyro Gearloose, Keith Ferguson as Scrooge’s wealthy & greedy rival Flintheart Glomgold, Allison Janney as Scrooge’s adventure loving lost love Goldie O’Gilt, and Josh Brener as the Silicon Valley like new money character Mark Beaks. Also the series will feature Scrooge’s main antagonists the Beagle Boys, who are always trying to steal his fortune, who will be voiced by Eric Bauza while Margo Martindale voices their matriarch leader Ma Beagle.

Check out EW for more insights on the characters. DuckTales arrives on Disney XD in August.

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